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Another fun game, Mr. Nannings!
The trickiest levels for me were 16th and 18th, but it was still fun to figure out how to beat them.

I agree with MrNannings, who also makes great games, that Spin! is simple but fun.
And kind of short as well.

AlienPlay responds:

Thank you for feedback! :D

Very interesting, I like it so much!
I played all the levels thinking like I was the blue cube!
And that ending was unexpected to me but also nice!

I respect you trying to bring back the fun Quickdraw series by 53xy83457, I really liked those games, but maybe you should put more effort into this one.
I also found very difficult to beat Calopsita, but I can't say if it's really a bug or something else.
And one suggestion: you could allow players to use spacebar to fire the gun, like in the Quickdraw games.

Eduardo82 responds:

Try it now buddy! I updated the game, Calopsita should be beatable now ;)

I think this is a kind of work in progress game, 'cause there are bugs, like the one that steals your money away, and the enemies don't pose much of a threat in any stage, really.
Besides, the 20th floor level medal is not working.

MrNannings responds:

Thanks for your feedback, I updated the game.

Short but really well done. Usually it's hard to find recent games with this quality around here.

TeamTailnut responds:

Thanks a ton for the compliment! :)
The next public version of our current 'main' project Quidget the Wonderwiener will be here on Newgrounds as well - gotta love the site!
Stay funky!

Why didn't I get all the medals? I beat the game three times in a row, with all three characters... can you help me here, 53xy83457?

The game is nice, but it's also buggy, and I think I've found an error in level 3-1, when I cannot open the green lock even after picking up the green key in the top left corner.

Orick08 responds:

Thank you for your interest and report the bug. Unfortunately I was not able to replicate it, the door simply worked normally both in my local file and in newgrounds.

Very fun game, though it keeps erasing my progress, so I can't go on playing the game if you don't fix this issue.

Great game, but I think the medals are not working.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks. They are working now ;-)

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